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We offer Backup support along with Tech Support Services.  With Windows 11 on it way this October 5th we know your computing system may not be ready, but we are ready anytime you need us.  

Depending on your situation, we offer remote support and on-site physical support.  Whether its setting up the Backup Service or performing needed maintenance Mainstream Technology practices Covid-19 safety, for you and for our own family.

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Windows 11 is in Beta but will be released to the public soon.  If anyone needs help getting it while it is free or has trouble because they received it as an update.  Please let us help you get ready.

Windows 11


Mainstream Backup Service is the focus of our company, we want to help you keep your data safe and ready for you.  Cloud storage such as google drive and One Drive are free for a reason they essentially are a storage media and not a true backup.

Backup Service


Mainstream still provides Technology Services to our current Backup Clients and to local Businesses.  With the coming if Windows 11 we may extend our services to the public to help with the unforeseen problems.

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Choose your pricing plan

  • 1 Hour Tech Support

    Perfect for small problems or technology advice
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 1 Hour Support from a tech inside the United States
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