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Windows 11 - Released to the Public Next Week

October 5th, 2021 or should I say next Tuesday is the day, the day Windows 11 will be released to the public for anyone with a valid license of Windows 10. Microsoft first declared their strict requirements must be met before the upgrade would install, but now they have loosened their stance. The original requirement of TPM 2.0 or later followed by specific CPU install was lifted when Microsoft realized that most of their clientele did not have compatible computers. I believe that because of the current status that Covid 19 has placed on technology products, played a part in this decision. Even Microsoft realized how the economy is doing and the fact that prices on computers and computing equipment is extremely high right now. If they did keep their requirements in place then the launch next week may flop. I know people want the latest and greatest but money is a concern for everyone right now and if that meant they had to purchase a new computer to have Windows 11, then they would probably just stick with what they have.

How will the computers that meet these requirements and those that do not differ when upgrading to Windows 11? This is a great question and even though Microsoft has stated that those that do not meet the requirement will have to manually perform the upgrade versus the automatic update that the others will be able to use which will make the process simple and reversible. As you know I have recently tried out the Beta myself and my test unit did not meet the requirements and I was able to use the Update option. I am excited to see what happens next Tuesday!

Mainstream Technology will be available to help anyone that needs help updating. You can email me at

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