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Windows 11 - Preview Installing Now - part 1

Since we all know that Windows 11 is coming soon I am in the process of installing the preview (Beta) now. I have read many tech articles about updating to Windows 11 and because of the tech specs I am very concerned that most of my customers and friends computers will not be eligible to take advantage of this free upgrade. With that being said, please do not think that I believe everyone should upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Because I am the type of person that believes we should still be using Windows XP. Unfortunately, Microsoft has made it near impossible to for us to stand still within our current version, so eventually you will be forced to upgrade one way or the other.

I have installed a clean version of Windows 10 pro, fully licensed onto my virtual pc that I have spun up to test this update with. The first thing I have noticed is that I am unable to update using the System properties Update Menu and after making several system adjustments I still receive a failure code. Microsoft has given us two options to update with, the first which did not work and the second by downloading the iso and performing a manual update yourself.

I have downloaded the proper iso and using the Administrator account I have started the setup program. Quickly, I received an error message stating that I need at least 2 cores to perform the install. Luckily I am using a virtual pc and I can add another core within seconds where as if this was a physical machine I'd have to manually change my processors out. Now that I have 2 cores I will run the setup program again, and to my surprise it is loading. I honestly can not believe I am not getting an error for not having a TPM 2.0 installed, but hey this is a good thing and I am going to roll with it. I have successfully moved through all the setup prompts and it is installing on top of my Windows 10 virtual pc a I type this. This process will take a while therefore I will continue this blog later on with the results.

If anyone is interested in the step by step layout of this install, please email me at and I will send them to you. If I get a lot of request for this install then I will do another blog and post it on my site.

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